Tell some people to work for you on a project for free and they’ll look at you as if you’ve gone nuts. However, there are some situations that you can provider your services for free, but there are those scenarios where it’s not advisable. Below are some ideas on when to work for free and when not to, though these are just a few examples

When You Should Work For Free 

It helps you advance your career, knowledge and skills

Depending on the kind of free work that you do, it is highly advisable to carry on if it will in the long run lead to an additional skill gained, or new knowledge learned. As long as you are on good terms with your boss or colleagues. Some kids who do free work can be can use the experience as stepping stones or ladders for career development and growth. Also, some kids who do free work may have it lead to the gaining of a new title, or an additional skill on your resume.

If It Can Lead To A Paid Position

Another reason to work for free is if the current work can lead to a paid position with the person or organization which you would like to work for. Some internship positions usually lead to the absorption of an individual into the workforce.


When You Have Passion For Something

Working for free doesn’t have to mean that you work for someone else, it can be your own work that is meant to generate income, but you choose not to make it or let it. On the other hand, you can work for free if you so much like what you do even.

Damage Control

It could be that you are trying to do mend a relationship with a client and to do that, you choose not to ask for payment for a current project. This can be a good situation where  voluntary working as a form of discounted service can be beneficial.


When Not To Work For Free 

You Don’t Have A Way to Support Your Dependents

As much as opportunities may lack such that you keep yourself busy with volunteer work, having people relying on you is another thing altogether. Since finding a job is in itself a form of work, it’s better to invest your energy in looking for a job other than free work without an assurance of any benefits whatsoever. There are online job opportunities that you can hold on to, some of which pay quite well for simple projects such as writing and affiliates marketing before you get your regular day job.

However, it might not be the best of ideas to work for free if you don’t feel happy about it, if you have absolutely nothing to gain or lose from it, and most importantly, if the person you are working for does not appreciate you. Don’t work for free in such situations.