Most design projects are time bound and will often come with deadlines from the client, especially for those that are online, due to the fact that business websites are often launched in specific times or seasons, This is why you should get insights as a designer on how to finish design projects on time. Timely completion enhances business relationships and brands you as a professional designer. Below are some ideas and tips onto help you manage and complete projects timely.

Get Clear Information the First Instance 

The best way to initiate the design project in a way such that you’ll be able to complete it on time is to get the required information and get it right the first instance. This helps avoid time lapses that could be rather involved when setting up a meeting in future to follow up on missed details or more information about the business or company. A face-to face meeting is always advisable. However, you can also utilize technology in form of email questionnaires, Skype, and much more. Get details about the company, services and products, intended message to target market, deadlines and objectives. Rhode Island SEO, for instance, has a “Discover Form” that gathers all kinds of initial project requirements before the first face to face meeting. It’s a very effective model and sets a precedent so that the client becomes used to giving you the information you need and helps them see you as very professional.

Have A Definite Work Plan To Follow 

In order to keep track of your work, come up with a flow diagram or process to follow throughout the project and set targets for yourself. Make this in form of stages such as information gathering> research> strategy> development> presentation> launch> completion. This can help the client in determining what they need from the project as well as act as your reference point.

Watch a video about the importance of having a project manager:


Conduct research about the business, competitors, target market, trends of services and products, along with any other helpful information concerning your design project. Make it lengthy, but remember to focus on the specific niche, otherwise, lapses may develop here. Be sure to come out with unique concepts and ideas about your research.


Here, you should not take much time as it involves analysis of the research gathered and coming up with prospective design criteria. Be sure to come up with a unique strategy and present it to the client for approval. This is one of the most crucial points as to how to finish design projects on time since you avoid having to repeat a cancelled project in the later stages. At this stage, it is easier to shelve an idea and develop another one.


Use technology and creativity to effectively actualize your strategy. Use sketches, free writing, storyboarding, minds mapping and any other creative means of to develop the main concept. Having several of these can be helpful, but you can also look up online for more ideas.



This is the point where your client says yes or no to your project. A PDF presentation of the design project can work best. Let them review the work and give you feed back as soon s they can. To ensure that you finish the design projects in time, give a review deadline to your client also!


By now, your project is approved and ready for implementation. This is the part where you get to submit your design to search engines and launch the work on the web. Get the necessary documentation done for administrative purposes too.