How to Finish Design Projects On Time


Most design projects are time bound and will often come with deadlines from the client, especially for those that are online, due to the fact that business websites are often launched in specific times or seasons, This is why you should get insights as a designer on how to finish design projects on time. Timely completion enhances business relationships and brands you as a professional designer. Below are some ideas and tips onto help you manage and complete projects timely.

Get Clear Information the First Instance 

The best way to initiate the design project in a way such that you’ll be able to complete it on time is to get the required information and get it right the first instance. This helps avoid time lapses that could be rather involved when setting up a meeting in future to follow up on missed details or more information about the business or company. A face-to face meeting is always advisable. However, you can also utilize technology in form of email questionnaires, Skype, and much more. Get details about the company, services and products, intended message to target market, deadlines and objectives. Rhode Island SEO, for instance, has a “Discover Form” that gathers all kinds of initial project requirements before the first face to face meeting. It’s a very effective model and sets a precedent so that the client becomes used to giving you the information you need and helps them see you as very professional.

Have A Definite Work Plan To Follow 

In order to keep track of your work, come up with a flow diagram or process to follow throughout the project and set targets for yourself. Make this in form of stages such as information gathering> research> strategy> development> presentation> launch> completion. This can help the client in determining what they need from the project as well as act as your reference point.

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Conduct research about the business, competitors, target market, trends of services and products, along with any other helpful information concerning your design project. Make it lengthy, but remember to focus on the specific niche, otherwise, lapses may develop here. Be sure to come out with unique concepts and ideas about your research.


Here, you should not take much time as it involves analysis of the research gathered and coming up with prospective design criteria. Be sure to come up with a unique strategy and present it to the client for approval. This is one of the most crucial points as to how to finish design projects on time since you avoid having to repeat a cancelled project in the later stages. At this stage, it is easier to shelve an idea and develop another one.


Use technology and creativity to effectively actualize your strategy. Use sketches, free writing, storyboarding, minds mapping and any other creative means of to develop the main concept. Having several of these can be helpful, but you can also look up online for more ideas.



This is the point where your client says yes or no to your project. A PDF presentation of the design project can work best. Let them review the work and give you feed back as soon s they can. To ensure that you finish the design projects in time, give a review deadline to your client also!


By now, your project is approved and ready for implementation. This is the part where you get to submit your design to search engines and launch the work on the web. Get the necessary documentation done for administrative purposes too.


4 Must Have Web Design Elements


With the increase of technology came the comprehension of your target market so you don’t have to walk miles to market your products. Taking your business online is perhaps the second best thing from the discovery of the wheel. However, it’s important for a number of reasons, that you be mindful of your website and be keen on key elements of great website design if you want your internet marketing activities to flourish. All these revolve around giving your web visitors the best experience as they come looking for products and services or simply information. But what are these 4 necessary elements of a great website design that most people tend to miss or overlook.

  1. An Appealing Interface  

The look and feel of your website can break or make your online business success. It should be attractive in themes, layouts, fonts, colors, impressive images, and a lot more. However, optimization should not be professionally overdone, as this would come out as confusing to the eye.

  1. Easy Navigation 

Forget about SEO content and the rest, the other important element in a great website is its navigability and usability. How easy it is for your visitors to get to the purchase button, or read information they are looking for is a crucial part of the entire trade. To enhance navigability, contents or sections should be clearly organized in a professional yet interactive manner that makes it easy for the user. The essence here is simplifying the site to enable users get solutions fast and easy. They’ll keep on coming back.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Being that most internet users today access the web using their favorite mobile devices and their favorite browsers, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before having your site created. Will your site support mobile compatibility? Will it be accessible via different web browsers without compromise on quality and appearance? Having a site that provides great mobile interface experience is one of the most important and necessary elements of a great website in this age of a social and speed oriented generation. It makes it even more interesting if the design can allow the development of a functional mobile app.

  1. Effective Content Strategy 

This might sound as part of SEO, but not really. As one of the most necessary elements of a great website, without content on your site, then there’s not website in the first place. However, having an effective content strategy that will increase traffic, keep clients logged on your site and reduce bounce rate as profitability increases requires a few simple things. It requires that your content is fresh and regularly updated, interesting and informative, correct, clear and concise, engaging an original.

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Where to Hire Great Designers


Having a functional website for you online business is one thing, but having a highly effective money site is another thing altogether. The infrastructure of your site is one of the most important determinant aspects of whether you will make the most out of your online presence and activities for your business, or not and as such; knowing where to hire great designers is an important task. However, it is not that easy to tell if the web technician you hire is a professional in what they do or not. Here are some tips about how a good web design helps you business along with where to hire great designers.

Factors of a Great Web Design

An effective website is one that is not only able to ensure great traffic inflow, but one that is able to lead to maximum sales conversion as well as client retention. This would be a website that is optimized by the designers for adaptability on mobile devices and different internet browsers. It should also be of optimum speed and created in such a way that it’s easy for the user to navigate through and locate the content they are looking for at ease. It should in short be able to bring maximum value by providing great user experience while at the same time pleasing search engines. This is another reason it becomes important to know where to hire great designers.

Web Design Firms

There are also plenty of website design firms online that you can approach to get services from. Most of them however, offer a wide variety of website services other than being designers. These include services such as search engine optimization, content marketing, webhosting, and more. These are numerous, and you might want to look up online for the nearest expert firm in your local area. Most of them with often require you to contact them for a quote on their services, and thus comparing services from a few of these companies can be helpful.


Freelance Sites

Unbeknownst to many website owners, you can also find and hire great designers from a number of freelance sites. These are mainly sites for freelancers who provide a range of services online at a fee, not necessarily being web or graphics design. Some good sites to look for freelance web designers include ProgrammerMeetDesigner, Freelance Switch, Elance, 99designs,, MycroBurst, Upwork and many more. All these sites however, differ in terms of charges to clients, member ship fees and a number of other factors.

What to Look For In a Great Designer

It can be a daunting task, but with some tips you can get the best designer and the ideal one for you. Start with conducting research and consider their experience, expertise level, geographical location, and pricing. Do comparisons carefully and determine whether they have other services for ionternet marketing they offer.


When to Work For Free and When Not To


Tell some people to work for you on a project for free and they’ll look at you as if you’ve gone nuts. However, there are some situations that you can provider your services for free, but there are those scenarios where it’s not advisable. Below are some ideas on when to work for free and when not to, though these are just a few examples

When You Should Work For Free 

It helps you advance your career, knowledge and skills

Depending on the kind of free work that you do, it is highly advisable to carry on if it will in the long run lead to an additional skill gained, or new knowledge learned. As long as you are on good terms with your boss or colleagues. Some kids who do free work can be can use the experience as stepping stones or ladders for career development and growth. Also, some kids who do free work may have it lead to the gaining of a new title, or an additional skill on your resume.

If It Can Lead To A Paid Position

Another reason to work for free is if the current work can lead to a paid position with the person or organization which you would like to work for. Some internship positions usually lead to the absorption of an individual into the workforce.


When You Have Passion For Something

Working for free doesn’t have to mean that you work for someone else, it can be your own work that is meant to generate income, but you choose not to make it or let it. On the other hand, you can work for free if you so much like what you do even.

Damage Control

It could be that you are trying to do mend a relationship with a client and to do that, you choose not to ask for payment for a current project. This can be a good situation where  voluntary working as a form of discounted service can be beneficial.


When Not To Work For Free 

You Don’t Have A Way to Support Your Dependents

As much as opportunities may lack such that you keep yourself busy with volunteer work, having people relying on you is another thing altogether. Since finding a job is in itself a form of work, it’s better to invest your energy in looking for a job other than free work without an assurance of any benefits whatsoever. There are online job opportunities that you can hold on to, some of which pay quite well for simple projects such as writing and affiliates marketing before you get your regular day job.

However, it might not be the best of ideas to work for free if you don’t feel happy about it, if you have absolutely nothing to gain or lose from it, and most importantly, if the person you are working for does not appreciate you. Don’t work for free in such situations.


Tips on running a successful small business


We all have those areas of we have admired venturing in. when it comes to establishing a small business, the starting part of it might not be difficult as far as you have some capital, a great business plan, a proposed and promising location and the idea. However, running the small business successfully is what becomes a challenge to many, leading to declines or collapse at some point along the way. So what are the necessary ingredients for success in running startups? Well, here are some tips for you on how to run a successful small business.

Know Your Target Market

Research is of great importance here. One of the most important secrets of success in running any one business is to know your target market in and out. This should not only be done during the starting part of it and then you assume that you’re all good to go. It should be a consistent process. Knowing your target market well means determining the problems they are facing and coming up with solutions for them. This can be through content, information, tips, advice, or even your products and services provided it’s in line with your small business.

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Know Your Competition

The other thing not to forget about how to run a successful small business is to keep tabs with your competition. What services and products are they offering, what is their performance, how are they different from you? Asking yourself such questions and researching about it, keeps you updated and provides you with insights about improving your business approach.


Take It Online and Stay Ahead Of the Game

Last but not least, you can never go wrong if you invest in internet marketing. Find an expert web designer and perhaps a SEO agency and promote your business online. Have an effective website done for you and have your site optimized for better performance online. Advertise you services and products on social media, link up with authority websites and blogs and stay ahead of the game as far as online business in your field of expertise is concerned. Do not however underestimate the importance of traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers, TV, and radio as well, especially for your local market’s sake. Banners, flyers, business cards and such are important as well in running a successful small business.

Prepare a Business Plan

This should have been the first point here. An effective business plan should however include your strategies, objectives, expectations, and most importantly; your performance tracking mechanism. Let your online operations be part of your effective business plan, and visit it periodically to keep track of your progress.
With these tips, you can rest assured that you’ll be on the right path to achieving success. You especially on your online marketing activities, be up to date with the necessary developments and changes in the field of business.